Nikkor-t 600mm/800mm lens set $1300 Shipped

Nikkor 240mm F5.6 lens $275 shipped

Fujinon 250mm F6.7 $320 shipped

Lisco regal II 8x10 film holders x8
8x10 320txp film (10) All for $380 shipped

Lisco/fidelity 4x5 Film holders x7 w/ case
4x5 delta100 film (25)
4x5 tmax film (30-40) All for $135 shipped

Soligor digital spotmeter $115 shipped

Minolta autometer IIIf $70 Shipped

Shutter release (x3) all $25 shipped

Wista Focus loop $45 shipped

Zone VI field data guide $25 shipped

Cokin filter/exposer record book
Calumet exposure calculator Both $18 shipped

Calumet changing room $65 shipped

Gizto tripod with no3 head( not sure of the tripod model, 58" w/o head/64"with) $100 shipped

Saunders 11x14 4blade easel $60 shipped

Micromega critical focuser $90 shipped

Kostiner 16x20 archival washer $170 Pick up in Phoenix,Az

Kodak siphon print washer $30 shipped

Thomas Duplex super safelight $150 shipped

20x24 Kodak development trays (x5 w/ covers) with a Premier 20x24 paper safe $140 plus actual shipping

Sorry no Paypal and US only