The more I print, the more I agree with Bob, but I have to say that for me to actually remember the sequences when I print, I HAVE to write it down. Especially if I make a burn with a harder grade. My brain is not capable of remembering.

So, I have tons of printing notes, but when I go back and print a negative, years down the road, I never follow them anyway. I re-interpret the negative, just because it's more fun that way. I think with time we change how we see, how we print, and what we like, so it seems a little stifling, perhaps, to go back to printing a negative in a way that you don't appreciate anymore as an artist.

Then again, before this thread I was re-reading the Pablo Inirio piece, and his print notes and scribbles of famous photographs are so complex that my head spins. I don't think I could work that way.

Perhaps there's a bit of a personality thing baked into what approach we take too. Or 'schools' of thought that are simply different?