Does anybody here feel as though they are leading double lives?

Let me explain. My "official" job is as an engineer, and by day I come across as a somewhat eccentric but well-adjusted person. At work I am relatively private about my personal life but today a coworker and I got onto the topic of hobbies and I spilled the beans on my photography passion.

When I told him, he was extremely surprised. I think his exact words were "I never expected you to be a photographer" (although I'm not sure what that means haha).

This got me to thinking; it made me feel as though I am part Jekyll and part Hyde. Espicially since there is a growing gap between the art and technological world. Walking down the street most people wouldn't suspect anything, unless they saw me carrying around my camera, because during the day I come across as a normal guy.

But by night I turn into a bit of a Hyde spending hours developing, editing, reading about photography, watching photography documentaries and tutorials, going to galleries, attending lectures, etc. And I've noticed a big difference between how I conduct myself among professional colleagues and people I meet in the art world.

For the amateurs and hobbyists on this forum, do you guys feel the same way? I almost feel like any passion pursued outside someone's normal, professional life might lend them to feel as though they are living life with split personalities.