No, you're not crazy . . . unless I am too!

I'm a lawyer by day and a photography freak by night. Sometimes I even find time to get out of work and go to the darkroom before the sun sets. My job feeds my family. My photography feeds my soul. I can't imagine anyone feeling so fulfilled by lawyering or engineering or most any other job, that they don't need a creative outlet. I can't even imagine a pro photographer not needing an area of creativity where they are in complete charge of what is made. I'm very glad I'm not a pro photographer, with clients to tell me what they want my work to look like!

But lets face it, the world is in fact full of muggles who don't want or need a creative outlet. Billions of people probably do their jobs or their housework and then retire to the tube to veg out without making anything ever.

I almost wish I was one of those folks, sometimes: cured of this urge to wander the night looking for new blood!