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I have made Polaroid 110B and 900 cameras with a Polaroid Spectra back, uses the new Impossible film.

I have been looking into Instax, first project is perhaps an Agfa Isolette 6x6 folder with Instax Mini back on it.

A Polaroid 900 or 110B is possible for Instax wide, I would need to buy and cut up an Instax wide camera and crack the circuit code to make it function, to be honest cameras like these with the exception of the Isolette project start at over a grand.

Both a 110B and a 900 with 150mm F 5.6 Fujinon lenses sold for $2500
the problem with polaroid/impossible integral film is that the image is inverted whereas the instax image would be normal. I have a polaroid cb70 back for my mamiya universal. there are quite some universal and polaroid 600SE owners out there who would want an instax back. it is a constant subject of discussions on polaroid passion. until now nobody was able to hack the instax circuit. no need for complicated work on camera conversions, a back would do. you could ask the future clients to send in a frame and a functioning instax wide.