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Really great replies so far in this thread, I love this section of the board because it always generates great discussion.

Do you guys think that having this "double" (or even triple in Thomas's case) life is something that can effect us on a deeper psychological level?
We spend so much time at work that it does shape us; there's no escaping it.

In the same way I think that our endeavors in the arts and interests shape us; how can they not? When you deeply immerse yourself in something, it has a profound effect on you, how you see the world and act in it. I call my photography my 'insanity asylum', for two reasons: there is a lot about the world that is broken, with respect to humanity versus the greedy money grabbers, but it's also to disconnect and escape from the constraints of the work place.

Now, when you immerse in both your work world, and your free thinking space of the arts, I believe the mix is good on a psychological level because at least I get in touch with different parts of my brain. Work is very structured and a logical place, filled with ups and downs in results and frustration - but always a role play. Nothing I do at work, or get exposed to at work, I take personally. But it's there in the subconscious, because we spend so much of our living hours there. This is good for me, because I'm a bit of a scatter brain, and that shows heavily in my photography, which is where I basically let the ideas and concepts rip freely, to come out and rear themselves in ugly and beautiful ways. It is a much more sensory type of existence, feeling my way, laying tone in the prints to accentuate what I feel.

So, the summary psychological effect is that I'm able to explore both my logical and structured brain, and the intuitive and emotional one.