It will work perfectly for your purposes.

I've played with the home kits before and pushed/pulled film in them without trouble, and it is not hard to maintain an approximate temperature. Variation of a couple degrees won't be beyond repair in the scans. I've even had fair results with pushing really dead chemistry.

Do a test strip the first time you make up the chemistry to see if you did it right and if it scans to your liking. If that's okay, I'd say you're in the clear for developing to your heart's content. Do another test strip if the chemistry gets old 2+ months at room temperature. If your scans lean towards being very blue, in my experience, just push the film a bit.

Beau photo in Vancouver will ship Blix kits. It's a bit silly to order from all the way across the country, but might be easier than getting chemicals into Canada. I'll be ordering from them again soon (in Ontario now)---two of my last five rolls that went to the lab were ruined. It's disappointing enough losing your work, but it's even more frustrating when you paid someone else to do it for you.