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I am using the 5 litre Digibase kit
It cost USD $133 including shipping from Germany to USA
It will give me 5 sessions over a year or so
I am ready for the 3rd session now.. I accumulate about 8 rolls of 35mm and 120 per session
So I will get about 40 Rolls total.
It is a lot of work though, it takes most of a day to set up, process and clean up and it gets a bit tedious.
According to the specs. The 5 litre kit is good for 110 x iso100 rolls and 100 x iso400. So if you are only getting 40 rolls, you are wasting a lot of chems.

I got the same kit and I'm going to develop C41 for the first time this weekend. I've just put together this 300W aquarium tank heater controlled by a PID. It holds the temp very steady.