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I mix solutions of 750mil, so I will actually get more than 6 sessions which will probably take 1.5 to 2 years.
I could probably do up to 16 rolls per session, so I feel the 5 L kit would be better value if shared by 2 or 3 users.
Well, I hope the working solution keeps for at least a month or even better 2. I will be mixing 750ml as well (easiest size of bottle to find) and that's good for 15-21 rolls of film.
At the moment I have 8 rolls ready and 2 more should be finished by next weekend. Also I will be back from quick holiday in 4 weeks, where I assume I will burn between 20-40 rolls of film.
Maybe even more, since it's going to be in Japan and film is quite cheap over there.

Also since I'm going to get some iso800 film, I can extrapolate that the solution is only good for around 90 x iso800 rolls? Might be even less if I push it.