Just as an update for those of you that don't know the area, Tottiford WTW is fed from four Reservoirs, the furthest away is Fernworthy which is just outside Chagford (a pretty village on the moor) but there are three in close proximity to the Treatment Works.

Strangely enough the nearest to Tottiford WTW is Trenchford Reservoir and its embankment Dam looms over the lower works at Tottiford, the next reservoir is Tottiford which can be seen in the photographs that Neil has linked to, and the last and furthest away (although not actually that far) is Kennick Reservoir.

Both Tottiford & Trenchford Reservoirs have public access whilst Kennick Reservoir has access restricted to Fishermen (bit sexist but that's what the blurb says) only.

So, you can also do a 'google' on Trenchford too for more information or images.