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Bill, I worked with a similar primitive setup and was eventually able to establish good repeatability. I posted about it back in 2007, I believe. Did you ever see that? The workaround was to only start a printing sequence or test strip when the lamphouse was at 40C. The second point was to not alter the sequential order of dodging and burning steps.
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That sounds great! You know I added a CdS cell connected to an Ohm-meter (lit up by a Jobo Minilux) and I document the Ohms readouts on my notes.

Then - like you wait for 40C, I wait for about 400K Ohms. Literally meaningless, but if the numbers stay in a range ~390K - 500K Ohms, then the work for that session will be "within tolerance". But this doesn't give me more than, say, 1/3 stop exposure control. Which, if that makes or breaks a print of mine... then there are going to be some that are better than others in the final stack...