Hi -
I have an Ebony 617S camera with Horseman back requiring a new home. The Ebony is in excellent condition, as is the back (apart from some minor scraping on the advance knob). Everything is tight and works as it should.
Apart from being a beautiful and exquisitely made, I have found that this particular camera is much more stable than most, and is extremely easy to operate in the field. The Horseman back keeps the film extremely flat, and lies exactly in the plane of focus defined by the ground glass. While it is a non-folding camera, it does pack extremely small and fits any backpack capable of holding a 4x5. For specifications, please see Badger Graphics website, or that of Ebony cameras itself. As for price - i would like to receive $5500.00 + shipping.ebony1a.jpgebony 2.jpghorseman1.jpg