Colour film from the 1980's will probably be, at the most optimistic, way past its best now, particularly if the storage conditions are unknown. However, if you like experimenting, it's well worth a try.

Even fresh colour negative film dislikes underexposure, so I would bracket at reduced film speeds, e.g. 50 or 25 ASA.

Check that the film is C41 process (the old C22 process is now only done by one-or-two specialist - and expensive - labs, and the processes are not interchargeable). With old B&W film it is possible to tweak processing times, choose the best developer, etc., but C41 is a standardised process, so just keep to your usual methods. Let us know how it works out.

(And don't throw away the cartridges and backing paper...these are much sort after for reloading.)