HI Ron, Sorry of my post was confusing, I THOUGHT I made it clear that I was referring to the "Print" stock - ECP.

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To save water the current Movie print film has stopped using rem-jet in favor of a AHU layer that decolorises in the normal process and the ECP-2 has a new schedule that omits the Jet removal and the wash stage to save water, (they went to dye sound tracks many years ago to likewise omit an extra wash step. that required the sound heads in all theatres to change to a RED LED or Laser light source) )
And Yes, Agx the context of this thread is the "cine" or Movie stocks, as the subject film is Eastman colour NEGATIVE 500T with teh rem-jet anti-halation layer somehow removed.

I am not sure of the VERY OLD Ektachrome movie film of the 1970 era that used Process ME-4 may have also had a rem-jet step that was the major difference between ME-4 and plain E-4 not that it matters much at this late date.