Im in the market for a Nikon FE2 because it was my first 35mm camera and im currently in a "back track" project. Now, when i got my FE2 it was brand new off the shelf (1986) and for obvious reason there was nothing to worry about. As the rolls went by i had to change shutter twice and i believe i retired the camera when i upgraded to an F4. Now some times has went by...so, are there any specific things to look out for regarding buying second hand FE2s? Any special anomalies that are time dependent? I believe there are light traps for the back, can these be changed easily? Are there still new shutters avaliable and if so, are there any shops that will service these cameras?

Thanks in advance :-)

Tom Richard

(Forgive me if these topics have been covered, i did search but like any other huge forum search is a hitn miss afair)