[quote="Les McLean .....so Fay went through the labourious process of pouring the pre soak water into a graduate containing the undiluted developer and refilling the tank with it. .....[/quote]

She must have been very convinced that presoaking was benificial to go through that much of a PITA. Thanks for the info Les. I was planning some test negatives (for lots of other reasons also) and will make sure to include some blah sky.

BTW everyone, I filled a two reel SS tank with an over rich Photoflo mix (half cap in 500ml) then drained it and let it dry. I then filled with water and shook vigorously to see if it foamed from residual Photoflo. NONE ! I can not see how Photoflo carryover could ever be a problem unless plastic reels and tanks are a lot different. Someone ought to try this with plastic.