I picked up some Kodak Series V filters today in their cases for next to nothing and after cleaning them up noticed that if I shine a bright LED flashlight through several of them I see a slight haze covering about 2/3 of the filter from the center out. There isn't any separation that I can tell. I typically use the flashlight to check my cleaning job on filters and such. Just to hold them up to a normal light from across the room I don't notice it. It takes that bright light to really see it well, but the sun was down by the time I was done cleaning so I didn't get a chance to look at them outside in the sun. Just wondered if this would have much of an effect on the end result or not? I shot an outdoor auto show a couple of weeks ago and hadn't noticed that my sweaty arm had smeared the front of the lens with no major ill effects that I could tell on the negatives