Hi Gerald,
In a sense you're absolutely right. But sometimes it isn't a bat thing that some products are discontinued (in general). There will have been excellent stagecoach makers all around the world, but we don't need them all anymore. That's the other side to the story.
But - when film is concerned - we as a "group" can keep it alive or "kill" it altogether.

For example: the Ilford ULF film run 2013. A lot of people were excited about this announcement. But when they saw the prices a lot of them were scared of - including me. I was willing to buy 18x24 cm film, but just couldn't afford these prices. Apparently there were enough people who could buy film to keep Ilford up and running (thank you all).

Will this be the same next year? I don't know. But I do know that I look for alternatives to still be able to make large negatives. This steared me into paper negatives and alt-photo processes like salt printing, bromoil printing, gum printing, etc.

So, yes you're right but no, you're not. I think that always somethings will survive or new products will arrive (like Adox sheet film). Or new products will be invented. The world isn't this black & white, altough my photos often suggest otherwise).

That having said: yes - a lot of great products are lost in the last few years. Like Agfa Scala film....