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I have one with 21/28/45/90 lenses but I'm keeping it. Just wanted to suggest you keep the Hexar AF too as its lens is a better performer in my opinion than the G 35 Planar. I love both my Hexar AF and my G2 system. The 35 Planar-G is the only G lens I've ever sold. Not bad just nothing special. And the 21/28/45/90 are all amazingly special. Hard to describe until you see chromes from any of those lenses on a light table.
If it was for the lens, I would not sell it. But I like to shoot it wide open and with a top shutter speed of 1/250 that is sometimes a hard thing to do. Hence my search for a G2, a 45mm and a 90mm for portraits. I let it go to help finance the new set up.