I purchased this earlier this year from a friend. He's gone completely LF with his film usage. At the time, I was shooting more 35mm than I plan to now or in the future, so here it is for sale.

•Condition-wise, it has some scuffs, etc. Please see photographs below.
•Little eyepiece thingamajig is showing some signs of 'fogging', that might need to be replaced. I just used this w/o it installed. When storing camera, I just screwed it back it. You can see through it, but it softens up the view a bit.
•Screen installed is a gridded one, a non-stock screen. Works very well with MF lenses, as it has a built-in fresnel lens, so with patterns(like in fine clothing or in fine repetitive textures) you'll see moiré patterns in the viewfinder. Very handy IMO.

•Operationally, it works 100%, but also smells a bit like smoke/stale tobaccy(neither of us are smokers). Unless you put the camera to your head to look through the prism, you can't really smell it.

Items included in this sale:
1. Nikon F5 body(as shown in photos)
2. Kirk PZ-6 (arca-swiss compatible mount) quick-release plate

$275USD, net to me, shipped in the USA
Int'l please add $25 for extra shipping costs via USPS Priority Mail

USPS Money Order please, or Paypal if you cover the 3% in fees


more pictures can be seen here: