If it's any help at all, and you don't mind using Xtol, I use it replenished and run maybe a roll a week on average, and it still works fine. I don't use deep tanks, just regular stainless cylinders with reels.

My working solution is 2 liters, and I replenish 80ml per roll. I mixed the original batch about five years ago now, and I've never had any instability or failure, given that I replenish for one roll every two weeks if I don't process any in that period.
In fact, I run a 1 liter working solution of Edwal 12 on the side too, and use the two in parallel. I can go weeks without doing anything to it, and it just keeps going strong (if stored properly).

But if you like D23 I'm not trying to persuade you to relinquish it. I'm just saying that Xtol works for relatively low volume as well.