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This local Walmart can also send films out, I believe it goes to the local Fujifilm lab for processing. I would expect the likes of Fujifilm to return all negatives with prints.
That would be nice but, unfortunately, it's not the case. Walmart does use Fuji for their send out service. However, once the film is processed at the lab, the negatives are scanned, uploaded and are printed at the actual store in the photo department. The negatives, which never leave Fuji's lab, are then destroyed, and not returned to the customer. The send out envelopes clearly warn the customer of this in advance. That being said, I don't know how Walmart/Fuji can get away with destroying someone else's property; the negatives are the film, the same film that you bought and paid for. It should be noted that this only happens with 35 mm C-41 (color negative/print) film. With traditional black and white, E6 (slide) and other sizes of C-41, the film is still returned to the customer. Make your decision to use Walmart accordingly. The 'we don't return your property' policy pissed me off so much that I don't use their services at all any longer.