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AFAIK, no print film ever had a rem jet backing.
Thanks for the clarification Charles.
I just checked the Old Fuji film site and there last print films DID NOT have the rem jet and the datasheets refer to ECP-2B see for example http://www.fujifilm.eu/eu/products/m...a-cp-type3512/ although if you look at the PDF that is linked there "The Process steps of prebath and rem-jet removal may be omitted"

the other "strange" Print film "2332 Asset Protection Film" calls for ECP-2D and also apperently does not have the REM-JET.

So I don't know when it was dropped on the print films. The Data sheet for ECP-2D does have the note that

"Film 2395 / 3395 is coated on a new ESTAR Base
featuring proprietary Kodak technology that replaces rem-jet
with process-surviving, anti-static layer, and scratch-
resistant backing layer. This film has an efficient
antihalation layer under the emulsion layers, using patented
solid particle dyes that are decolorized and removed during

But I don't know how many generations that is back... The data sheet is at http://motion.kodak.com/motion/uploa.../h2409a(1).pdf