It's good to remember in this discussion that a negative and a print are real. They exist in the real world as an image, whereas a digital file is not a real image; it's a real digital file. It WILL corrupt, become unreadable, show some sign of deterioration over time because it is not immune to that. Nothing is, not you, not me, nor the neg or the print. All things WILL die, it's only a question of time. But a somewhat deteriorated neg or print is still viewable, and can be brought back to it's original glory if it hasn't gone too far. Not true for the digital file. If it gets to the point where it won't open, bye bye.

To me, the greatest thing about film is that it looks better than digital, sometimes by a considerable margin. Think about it. You never see a film maker crowing that it's film looks as good as digital, but companies are always going on and on about how their digital software can "emulate" different films.

I don't worry at all about what happens if a hurricane (live in Florida) hits and all my work disappears, either the files or the negs/prints. I worry about ME disappearing, and the cat and ol lady. That's my priorities. I can always make another photograph, but this life is all I have.