Hi John,

Thanks for the voice of experience! I never got around to testing collodion. I ordered a small bottle but when i opened it, it smelled so dreadful that I closed it right back up! The press-on black sticky sheets were working so well that I couldn't find the motivation to test collodion just for the sake of testing. I'm still reusing the ones I made way back then -- that is when I'm actually worried there might be halation. It doesn't happen in every and all shooting situations. I've pretty much figured out when to bother. The nice thing about the sheets is that you just pull them off before processing the plates. There's no gunk that gets carried into the developer.

I've been doing at least 75% of my work on film for over a year. Film (at least the Grafix Dura-lar Wet Media) is very hard to get halation on, even if you want it for artistic purposes.