So far as I'm concerned film has become a creative niche, as blockend suggests. I certainly use much less than I did even 10 years ago, but I get much more pleasure and satisfaction in being selective in shooting and in trying to produce the best results I can.

The "family" and "record" snapshotting, which I once did on film is now done on digital, with a pocket point-and-shoot which can be in my pocket or car all the time to catch the unexpected random shots.

I use "quality" film and supplies (that's not confined to Kodak/Ilford) for both techniques, but price has certainly affected my style and volume of shooting.

It's never been a cheap hobby, but I have great negatives and prints made by my grandfather in the late 1940's and early 50's using war surplus film and paper (some prints have "RAF" back-printing!) and a home-built enlarger, when there was nothing else available in the shops....