That's interesting. I have to agree with Ian that it's not something I would recommend but you seem to have come across something useful.

FWIW, I do keep my emulsion in the digestion kettle (a heavy bottomed drink glass of some sort from dollar store) which is stored in a stainless "emulsion can" (cheapo kitchen canisters) in the refrigerator. FWIW, when I decide to make a few rolls out of a batch, I dig out the amount I need with a tablespoon and melt in a second container in a little potpourri crock pot I found in my mom's garage. You can pick up some cheap stainless spoons (you need metal ones - plastic will break) at your local dollar store so you don't need to steal from the kitchen. The remaining portion goes right back in the fridge.

Never underestimate the value of the local Dollar Store for finding emulsion making gear.

-- Jason