Is the bulb tungsten or daylight balanced, if daylight balanced is this a flash bulb or an incandescent bulb. If it is a flash bulb is this from a self contained unit or a power pack? what kind of power pack or what kind self contained unit? does it have UV filters or not? if it is an incadescent bulb what kind of units it this? does it have a fresnel lens?
then we have to think about the assitants, are these experienced or not? have they replaced a bulb before? do they need to use gloves or not?
How about the life of the bulb, should it be replaced with a cheapo and think about this again or should it replaced with a good one? Can we get away by replacing it with a non manufacturer bulb? HOw long is it going to take to get the bulb in the mail? or should FeDex be used? Does insurance for the shipping have to be bought? What if I am not home to receive it can I pick it up? where do I pick it up? do they accept credit cards or do I have to bring cash? where is the nearest ATM?
Get back to me with the answers and I tell you how many.....