Hi Paper
Yes I have a KR-10, a KR-5 Super2, and a XR-2

My favorite camera of the Ricohs is the KR-5 Super2, because it is the newest, while it is the smallest, simplest most basic manual shutter only camera, with LED exposure indication so I like to use it

The problem I have with the KR-10 is that the black
match needle is almost invisible in lower light, right when it is needed for manual exposure.
It is shrouded from the main vf.
These days I can't use it for that reason, but I have had it for many years and it also was a problem when my eyes were younger.
If you want to use auto mode, this is not such a problem.

Now the XR-2 is an older camera but similar to the KR-10 having an auto mode as wall as manual shutter.
It had more features than the KR-10, including an eyepiece shutter for long exp, a DOF button, and a lock release for the iso/ev wheel.
( on the KR's it is easy to accidentally bump the iso wheel off its setting)
The XR-2 has a larger green transparent needle that protrudes out into the vf, a lot easier to see.
So after the KR-5, I would recommend the XR-2 before the KR-10