Does anyone else find it ironic that most submittals today require digital files for submittal?
I seem to notice, over time, that a digital representation of a silver print falls far short of the imact of the print, where as the typical inkjet output of a digital image falls short of the display (on a good monitor). This gives the digital photography an unfair advantage over the analog, in my opinion.
If I am selected for a show, the gallery folks are always impressed by the final print, when brought in for hanging (as time goes by, they see less and less of good silver printing).
This is especially true of large prints, which much of my work in recent years is. I make diptych or triptych images from usually 2 or 3 negs, usually 120 rollei stuff. The submittal image always looks tired compared to the final framed image. True, digital submission is convenient - I make final prints at 8x10 and use the scans to submit - doing final 16" image and matting and framing if chosen for a show, so I save a lot of time and money on images I alone like.

Anyone else notice this monitor vs final print thing?