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Here I attached 5 jpeg from the negatives I developed yesterday. I use the next film at 50 iso, and I developed the 5 sheets in pyro abc, for 4-7-10-13-16 minutes, in tray.
The film I think have a good response to pyro, the highlight are clean with details and not blocked, the shadow zone are deep but with details, the middle zone are nice and smooth.
No scratches on emulsion appear.
Sorry for the bad quality of jpg, but my scanner dosen't work, and I use my iphone....
The negatives are better that you see in the jpg, and for my use with lodima, the negative at 10 minutes is very nice.
Hello Stefano,
Thank you for sharing! And I would love to see a real print from these negatives.
BTW: What's the story on "Lodima" paper? The only one you use?
Bert from Holland