We are happy to announce that our long planned C-41, 3bath kit for all color negative film processing is finally ready and in stock!
Grouns shipping to CON US only at this time.
Use the code "APUGC41" at our store checkout for a 10% discount on this kit.

You can find it here:

And some of our benchmarking test shots here:

The CatLABS kit features very high capacity and economy, and a very long stock shelve life so you can mix small batches as needed.
Suitable for any type of processing, Jobo/rotary/manual inversion or anything you can think of
  • Mixed working solutions have long shelve life so you can get the most out of every ml
  • Included instruction for mixing 1L or 5L working solutions, and the ratio, in case you want to mix even smaller batches
  • Standard 38.4C processing temp and and times
  • Easy to use, single mix solutions

5L kit makes:
  • Developer - 5L Working solution
  • Bleach - 3.6L (to be used at least X3 - total capacity equals 10.8L)
  • Fix 3.6L (to be used at least X3 - total capacity equals 10.8L)
  • Universal stabilizer/final rinse - 10L

Capacity of 5L kit:
  • 50-80 rolls of 35/120 or 100-160 sheets of 4X5