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We need to come up with the technology to remove the brains from these engineers and power them up in mechanical bodies, so we can get them to toil for us all indefinitely. Or would that fit in the category of "no good deed goes unpunished". Just joking. Thanks for your work PE, while it lasted. At least some of it still exists and may never be totally lost.
Wee need some kind of AI for that. A few weeks ago I saw a documentary about space travel and it suggested an AI for piloting a ship and keeping Earth's knowledge; We're not that far of being able to have that computing capability.
It would take efforts to load all the information for color film manufacturing, but it would be doable.

As of the knowledge, discussed in another thread was that Kodak got rid of many R&D resources. I mentioned 2 electron sensitization, which is something quite specific and complex; and PE said all the knowledge kept is just the basics for production, and not the whole R&D documentation; Also, the engineer passed away.

Just kidding, but I think PE wouldn't mind to be 20 years old again...