I have a collapsible Summitar 50 f 2 I enjoy using. I foolishly sold a summar years ago that I miss. It had a wonderful flare to it in bright sun that was very evocative. (it needed cleaning, the glass was amazingly scratch free) Years ago I was able to shoot some portraits of Betty Friedan with it in sunlight. I didn't retain the negatives foolishly. She was wearing a vintage leopard skin jacket, She hated having her picture taken but seeing my old leica she struck up a conversation and volunteered to be photographed. (I had been instructed NOT to take her picture for the event lest she leave) I would shop for a lens in person, try camera shows and shops. So you can evaluate it yourself. factor in a cla for one's with haze or minor fungus. I've had a couple cleaned with the above that came out beautifully.