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A difficult subject because '37mm' doesn't necessarily mean you want a 37mm filter. I have a couple of Agfa Record III with different lenses but both are 37mm outside diameter, and neither take an exact 37mm filter, there needs to be some wriggle room. So I use Kodak Series 6 filters using a 38mm/1.5" adapter ring, and this is snug secure fit with the tangs of the adapter bent very slightly. The advantage of the Series 6 filters is that there are a lot about on Ebay, and they are a good quality. I don't know if you can get a Kodak Series 6 37mm adapter, but you may find a 38mm is OK as I do.

Any branded (Agfa, Voigtländer, B&W...) push-on filter marked 37mm from the 50s should be just fine. These push-on filters usually have tongues on the mount side that can be bent to make them fit snuggly. This is true for all the Agfa, Voigtländer, Zeiss (E-Germany) and B&W push on filters I own. Any of these in 37mm will fit a Bessa II (and a Record III) without problems. The only exception are the Kodak Retina filters which use a confusing system of denominating the filter size. But I am not aware of any Retina filters in 37mm anyhow. The Agfa and B&W filters are usually easiest to find in 37mm, the Voigtländer filters are the best (even available coated) but are bit more scarce.