Soviets are not fool and not everything cheap is ass. Zenit 58mm f:2 Helios is one the best lens I have ever used. I bought mine at 1986 , Zenit ET and I put it to -25 celcius deep freezer and it was working like it is in Hawaii Its a copy of Biotar and if I am not wrong same architecture with Summmitar and I get few better color prints with my 7 Leicas. And Kiev 60 and 88 are ultra good , you must be intelligent to use them because some bits and nuts could be damaged but 250mm Jupiter and 80mm Planar Copy is using film and laughing to their digital craps.
Dont forget Soviets sent first man and woman in to space and their mathematicians and all other science people is 50 years forward to west.
Check science news and what they accomplish in every 6 months is not be able to done in 150 years with your cowboys.
They were a empire when you are busy with horse shit and run from indians