I'm happy to have come across this thread as we just moved to Jacksonville three weeks ago. Everything's still packed away, and it will be a while before I can set up a darkroom, but it'll happen by Christmas I hope. I use a P67, and Shen Hao 4x5. I looked on line at the local camera clubs, and they're not for me I think...digital kittens and sunsets, (fine for others, just not me), group shoots with a model (again, not for me at all), and some serious studio users who are mostly interested in artificial lighting (which I am not). If anyone organizes a meet up to share prints, and lunch or something, let me know, please. Orlando is nearly three hours away, but I can manage that and stay awake the entire time LOL! Closer would be better, too, of course.

Oh....I just noticed I haven't changed my location under my avatar. Gotta do that now!