Hello All,

I'm searching for a specific photographer whose work I found and lost about 3 years ago. He was a large format photographer, who had worked with 4x5 street photography and I think he had moved on to 8x10 when I had emailed him (I can't find the emails on closed account).

Some of the notable pictures he had were of his mall series from the late 80s early 90s. There was a picture of a kid in a public bathroom holding a boombox, a picture of some mall cops with big handle bar mustaches.

He had emailed me some of his more current work which was of swimmers hanging out on the beach - mainly portrait and environmental portrait stuff.

I know when I last emailed him he was photographing his father who had an illness - I think amnesia but I am not sure. Any help locating and finding this photographer would be greatly appreciated. I know he did not have a book, but did custom make them on request.

Also his work was mainly black and white large format. I know he has a website somewhere and was teaching either community college photography or at University in Hawaii.

Thanks for helping!