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Truth is I'm just not that "artistic" of a photographer. I'm not sure any picture I take is wort $5-10 on a sheet of film. X-Ray film is 30 cents a sheet, and my pictures probably are not even worthy of that.
I don't consider my pictures "art". I don't even consider myself a "photographer"; although some others seem to have differing opinions.
What I do strive for is craftmanship. In the big picture, when I look at the pleasure and sense of accomplishment I derive from it the amount of money I spend per annum is utterly insignificant. I'll point out that I use 35mm, 6x6/6x7cm, 4x5 and 8x10 formats - frequency in that order; B&W, E-6, and C-41 in 35 and 6x6/6x7, B&W in the larger sizes - T-Max 100 in 4x5, Tri-X in 8x10. It's all a matter of prioritising what I spend on.

When someone tells me "I can't afford ...." I suggest that they keep a log of every dollar and cent they spend over one month, then look at the log, multiply by twelve, and actually see where their money goes - everyone - without exception - who does this is shocked at the amount of cash that dribbles away.