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I don't think you're supposed to think that's real - it's like an artist's conception of what the camera will look like once they build it. They would also love your sponsorship dollars in order to do so.

I can't wait to see the end results!

I want to know where they're getting the film.

When the ensuing process gets in the way of the final objective, what's the point? How does a 4.5x6 foot negative give you anything more than a 16x20 negative? Just costs more money, the equipment gets in the way, the process requires more investment in time, money, and energy that could be put towards the objective of the project. If the objective is not exposing American cultures, then what's the point? Making big pictures? Because you can?

No thanks. I'll take my money and dedicate it to my 8x10 projects and let the sensationalism alone.