Luc Shutter, S6 model
$65 or best reasonable offer

This is a Luc shutter, which clips onto the front of a barrel lens. Similar in function to a Packard shutter but with the advantage of a setting dial and cable release socket.

Front opening is about 58mm. It can handle lenses of between about 60mm and 78mm diameter.

I tore into this to remove rust from the shutter blades and get it working smoothly. I removed the rust from the blades and had to use flat black paint from a spray can (smeared, not sprayed on) to get them black again. Cleaned out the inside but the only things rusted were the blades and some screw heads on the outside. It now functions smoothly.

The pictures show it before I re-arranged the blades to their proper order (practice makes perfect). There is no longer a pinhole opening when it's closed.

On the dial, the letters are hard to read, but they go Z, M and O, meaning Bulb, Instant, and Open. I would guess that at the "M" setting gives about 1/20 sec. You need a sturdy cable release with a long throw to operate it.

Weighs about 6 oz, so figure about 1 lb 3 oz shipping weight from Zip Code 90027.