Setting up in your garage - exactly what I have done. First, think about power and water. If you already have power in the right place, then great, if you haven't then (in UK) strictly you should get a qualified electrician to do it, just like I did . Now water. If there is any way you can get cold and hot in to your garage you will benefit. In anything but summer your cold water will be coming out the tap at prob 10-15 degrees ish, and mixing some hot to get a good temperature for development is usually necessary. If you can't, think about a little water heater - you can buy little electric ones. UK garages are usually single skin brick or concrete. What I did was build a stud-wall "box" inside including a suspended floor with all sides insulated, so my box became a dampproof membrane on the outside, insulation and plasterboard inside. Keeps the cold and damp out and makes a really nice working environment. I realise this costs a few but if you are handy, it isn't too bad. I even learned to skim plasterboard when I did mine. I will never be a pasterer but the end result is really good. If your garage is part of the house, it's going to be easier. Think about fitting an extractor fan for some ventilation. Finally, the one thing that is hard to buy is a sink. I made mine out of ply with epoxy coating. Spend some time. Make it a nice place, and you will actually want to use it. If you need more info you can always PM me.