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They are all great. Buy them all!

But seriously, I can not justify to myself spending more than $50 for obsolete technology. These things are old and fun to use because they are cheap but when the film hammer falls for good, I don't want to be stuck with thousands of dollars worth of paperweights.

Get the cheap ones and save the real money to buy something nice for your wife.
well I did like Ben's quote few posts earlier
but the quote above is so wrong

the inflation is caused by D 'camera' owners with adapters buying cheap off brand antiques

If film should disappear you either
only need to buy a D ****** sorry and adapter or
sell the antiques at >>>>>>>>$

I use single coated and multi coated lenses for the difference in signature dependent on contrast of scenes and signature I want and I work with long scale mono film my sensor has long toes and shoulders not a sharp cut off like digital

Good investments are difficult to spot ~ for some but as Ben's penultimate post suggests it is hard if you don't have a bucket full of lenses already.