Quick question for anyone who may use a 40mm lens with a De Vere 504.

The situation is that I need to do a 20x30" print (image size) from a 35mm neg. In fact the neg has to be cropped slightly so enlargement size is closer to 22x32." I'm currently in-between darkrooms for a couple of months so do not have all my equipment set up. Normally I would use my drop baseboard 504 with a 50mm lens, but this is in storage just now. I have my bench model 504 set up at a friend's darkroom where I will be printing, but will I get enough coverage for such a print with a 50mm? I suspect not.

However, I do have a Leitz enlarger with an excellent 40mm lens. If I use this lens on the bench 504, will it cover such an enlargement? I will take the lens to the darkroom to do a test next time I'm there, but just checking first if anyone clever, and using such a lens has got a clue.