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I got the Rollei kit from macodirect.de. They will ship to australia. You might want to pack out your order with film as well. Since they charge by weight increments. So at the same time I got lots of film too and I didn't have to pay extra for shipping. Also with rollei, if you run out of one chemical too early, you can just buy individually the ones that you need.

EDIT: The 5 litre rollei kit is good for 100+ rolls and it comes up to 6.9kg, but you will pay shipping for 10kg. So you can another 3.1kg of film, developers etc for no extra shipping cost. I added 45 rolls of various film + 4 bulk rolls. And you don't have to pay VAT
That's great! Thanks!
Are the shots from Katmandu on your flicker done in this Rollei C41?