Thanks, all for your comments.
Clive and Allen - I agree with you on the benifits of the scanned image, it is convenient, easily distributed, and better than a slide, just not a good representation. And digital output is getting better all the time, but a different subject.
Barry brings up something I didn't think to mention, and I agree with that too, trouble is, if the digi image falls short, they may never see the silver print, which is really my point.
Ken - you get what I'm saying and said it better. It isn't about dynamic range so much as what you refer to as richness and complexity, which are important to my work.
My career is in graphic arts, and I have a good sense of scanning and display, so I do the best I can in the scan, but 256 values isn't enough to represent a good silver print, even if you get both ends, in my opinion. Also, I can't control what kind of display is used in the judging of the submittals - it could be someone's laptop of unknown quality, projected onto what?
jp - didn't mean to imply that this is new, and I like the Stieglitz story.
I didn't mean to rant, just notice that when I view one of my own scans on my nice Apple display, it falls short of the feeling in the print, and the comments made by the gallery folks, when they see the framed print just reinforce this to me. Point taken, though, on the practicallity of it.