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I have a Recomar 33 which is the same camera as your Voitlander. It has the Kalart rangefinder mounted on it along with a viewfinder from a Monitor. The linkage has been correctly installed and works quite well, Steven.
The Recomar is a very similar camera, but made by Nagel, not Voigtlaender. Before Kodak ingested Nagel, I think it was sold as the Fornidar 30. But any of the German 9x12 cameras of that general market segment should be adaptable in the same way to a rangefinder---you'd have to set up a linkage to the sliding bed, then calibrate the rangefinder accordingly. It seems like the hardest part would be setting up the linkage to allow the bed to fold up properly.

The Avus is a nice camera. I've never seen one with a rangefinder, and I'm not even sure the production dates of Avi and Kalarts overlapped; I'm pretty sure it's an after-market installation. Seems like a good idea; it certainly should beat scale focussing.