Ok, that makes sense. Between the plates I set aside to compare with other recipes and my shooting, I make at least one set of plates or batch of film a week. I don't have much space, but I do have the luxury of time these days.

One comment -- plates shouldn't lose density in storage or need to be refrigerated. I have plates that are two years old that expose the same as fresh plates. They have been stored in a light safe at room conditions (which because of where i live never gets really hot, but the humidity is always high). If anything, a plate will gain density with storage. It is essentially continuing the ripening process, albeit very, very slowly. Unless you are maniacally consistent with all exposure conditions, you'd never even notice the difference, especially if you develop by inspection. If plates lose contrast and sensitivity under reasonable storage conditions, it is likely that the emulsion was originally over-ripened after washing, or an additive to the emulsion is causing fogging. An emulsion really doesn't require much beyond the basic ingredients (in my experience, for what it's worth -- but I've made a LOT of emulsions over the last eight years.)