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Can you give more details? For instance is the 3 mins the right time for the usual 20 degrees C and if so is there a table or any user experience here to show what times might be for someone with a Nova processor where the temp cam be increased considerably and might there be limit to the max temp at which LPD will work properly? If so what might this be?


LPD, in my experience, stops working below 18 degrees Celsius. At 19C I will run about three to four minutes. At 20C I like to run about 2 minutes. At 22 I'll run about 90 seconds. One thing to keep in mind here is that your thermometers and my thermometers will read differently, it is not uncommon to see two different thermometers show a 1 or 2 difference.

These are baseline numbers depending on the prints and what I'm looking for, as Thomas says running a little extra can get or add weight to the print, the need for that is totally subjective.

All the developers that I have used, come up quickly to a certain point (say over the first 90 seconds) and then the progress moves slowly from there to completion. Anywhere after that first 90 seconds or so you can decide where to stop depending on your needs, including how much exposure you have given the print.