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While on the subject of meters. I have a Luna-Pro F, and I just inserted a new Lithium 9V battery. The battery test button sends the needle off the scale, like it is getting way too much voltage. Should I not use lithium and go beck to regular alkaline cells like a Duracell or Energizer, or is there an internal regulator in the Luna-Pro which will still give me accurate readings with a strong battery. I prefer to use the long lasting lithium cell if it doesn't throw off the meter.
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When compared with alkaline cells, lithium batteries respond quite differently to loads.

Your Luna-Pro F pre-dated lithium cells by a considerable length of time. It wasn't designed with them in mind.

My experience with the non-F version of the meter leads me to the belief that the regular alkaline batteries last a long time anyways.

I wouldn't use one unless I had something from Gossen that indicated it was okay.